Robots in the forest

Robots in the forest iconThis tower defense is my first (published) Android game. Robots are invading the forest, and you build towers to defend yourself. While the game principle is classical, game mechanics are very original :
– Tower upgrades are granted by forming runes, i.e. some layout of tower/empty tile. Bonii range from classical speed/damage/range to tower type upgrade.
– Runes can also be spent to build a defense network using natural elements present on the map — if at all. You do so by duplicating resources, which creates links between resources of the same type. Robots going through the network suffers various effects, from speed decreasing frost to long lasting daming fire and armor crushing rocks.

Game can be played either by following two tutorial campaigns, or on random, configurables maps.

Robots in the forest is free and you can download it on the play store there :
Get it on Google Play

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