Swap it ! share with your friends !

You can now share your score on Swap it with your friends !

swap it achievementUsing brand new Google Play Game Services, Swap it now helps you brag about your success. For each level solved, you get 20 points if automatic solver was not used, and 10 points if you look at the solution at least once (no further penalty for peeking).

Once connected to g+, you will be able to access to your success list and to the leader board. Which of your friends will score the highest ?

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Swap it 2.0 !

Swap it has just been improved. The new version includes 55 levels. A new page has been added in order to help you chose among all these new levels !

swap it level chooser

A new feature will help you master swap it : it is now possible to show which tile you have pressed so far. It is done automatically whenever you complete a level, and you can show it permanently if you wish in the configuration page.

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